Thursday, November 22, 2018

1990 Fleer


Hope everyone is enjoying their Turkey Day.  I decided to put a post up while we're waiting around for the food to be ready, the first post here on Thanksgiving since 2010.  While looking through the scan folder for a pack, I considered another Pokemon pack, but then came across this:

I'm not sure why I scanned a pack of 1990 Fleer.  There's a pack on the site already.  Maybe it's because not all the cards in the pack were scanned and I was thinking I should correct this injustice, but it's still 1990 Fleer!  Oh well, it's Turkey Day, so here's a pack from the era many consider to be a turkey.

I do know it was from one of those repacks my eldest likes to convince The Wifey to buy from time to time.  Here's what he got:

No # - Royals Sticker
#290 – Harold Baines
#364 – Tim Wallach
#118 – Kurt Stillwell

Baines as a Ranger and the Expos unis start us off.

#131 – Mike Fetters
#368 – Doug Baker
#45 – Mitch Webster
#618 – Gary Ward

There were 660 cards in the set, with subsets starting at #621.

#152 – Jack Clark
#629 – Players Of The Decade – Jose Canseco
#279 – Eric Hetzel
#44 – Jerome Walton

The kid got 2 Cubs in the pack so he was pretty happy.

#338 – B.J. Surhoff
#629 – Players Of The Decade – Jose Canseco (back)
#107 – Steve Farr
#196 – Don Aase

Yep, got 2 Cansecos, so you get to see the back.  Yay for collation!

Speaking of backs, here's a couple more:

You might as well see the back of the Aase card because I'm silly that way.

Anyway, that the pack.  Nothing thought-provoking or earth-shattering this time.  According to my spreadsheet, this is the 100th baseball card pack I posted on the site.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Be thankful for what you have and be kind to the retail workers while shopping!  Thanks for reading!


Hackenbush said...

I wouldn't go near a store today (or tomorrow). Happy Thanksgiving!

acrackedbat said...

thanks for the fresh look at this design. it's growing on me! happy thanksgiving!

Fuji said...

Don't think I'll ever be a fan of this design. Then again... 1991 Fleer has grown on me, so anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

No Jose Uribe :(

Bulldog said...

Definitely not a fan of these but also broke open more than a few packs back in the day. Great Baines card. A few other nice cards including the sticker which was always a highlight. Fun post, definitely a turkey of a card set, but good memories.