Wednesday, April 17, 2019

1984 Topps Baseball

A blast to the past with a pack from 35 years ago. The key card out of this is Don Mattingly.
I got five runs. I need 20 more to send in for one of those All-Star cards and get entered in 1985 All-Star game contest.
125 - Britt Burns - played 6 full seasons with 1985 as his final season. Hip injury cut his career short.
334 - Chuck Rainey - sunset card
528 - Mark Brouhard
652 - Rudy May - sunset card as 1983 his final season
225 - Lee Mazzilli
56 - Gary Allenson
110 - Ron Guidry - lead the league in complete games with 21, a number that will never be reached in the current era.
556 - Jim Bibby - third sunset card of this pack
621 - Frank Howard - replaced George Bamberger and finished the season as manager. It's last time he managed MLB team.
617 - Rick Cerone
514 - Floyd Rayford
332 - Kevin Gross
328 - Vern Ruhle
723 - Rich Dauer
227 - Steve Braun - the card with a gum stain and its surprisingly not bad unlike what I seen.

And one more thing....
The gum and its still intact!


Bulldog said...

Not the sexiest pull but I've always liked this design. Fun opening these and all the memories they bring up.

Fuji said...

5 runs on the game card? Based on what I remember... that's a solid pull. So is the Guidry.