Friday, April 19, 2019

2018-19 Panini Status Value Pack

Happy Friday, everyone! It's playoff time*! Let's check out some brand new basketball cards!

84 - Blake Griffin - Panini's Status debuted last season if I'm not mistaken, and I never saw a trace of it at the retail level. It kind of bites old-school SkyBox (think 1991-92) but without the laser basketball tracers.

41 - Hassan Whiteside - Here's a look at the card backs. They're certainly more colorful than normal, except the photo, which has some weird newsprint black and white filter on it. They use the same photo on the back as the front, which is a very Panini thing.

98 - Jaylen Brown - I wonder if Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum ever talk about the Y's in their first names.

56- George Hill - George Hill has been around the block of late. He's on his fourth team in three seasons, although he's probably pretty content with playing for the team with the league's best record now, even in a reserve role.

70 - Damian Lillard - It's Dame! He's basically the mayor of Portland. Well, he's the figurative mayor. Our literal mayor is, well... our local government is kind of a mess.

27 - Tobias Harris - In a strange turn this season, the Clippers traded away their (arguably) most productive player and still made the playoffs. His new team, the Sixers, had him doing spot duty at center last night because Joel Embiid is hurt.

51 - Dwyane Wade - This season was Wade's farewell tour, which means next season will be his farewell tour on basketball cards. And probably the season after that. Just look at Kobe.

9 - De'Aaron Fox - If I was De'Aaron Fox, I would insist on being called "THE Aaron Fox" because I'm weird.

67 - Kyle Kuzma - Some non-LeBron Laker.

7 - Mike Conley / Jaren Jackson Jr. / Marc Gasol Factions - The rest of the pack is all shiny/holo reflective, starting with this Grizzlies-themed insert card.

156 - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - All of the rest of the cards, save for one, are rookies. They also have a different design look. I suspect there's no non-holo version of these?

46 - Kevin Love some sort of parallel - This looks to be some sort of purple/pink parallel, but according to Cardboard Connection, the fat packs either have "aqua" or "red" parallels? Is this red?

168 - Donte DiVincenzo - In a truly villainous move by Panini, apparently cards 101 through 150 are rookies only available at Walmart. And then 151 through 200 are rookies (different photos, but the same guys) only available at Target.

163 - Jevon Carter - This is where I should mention that I bought this pack at Fred Meyer, which is not Target or Walmart. It's a smaller, mostly Pacific NW chain owned by Kroger. I've seen so-called Target exclusives there before, like Topps Fire baseball.

188 - Kevin Huerter - Rookie photos are so cool.

*for like the next two months


Bulldog said...

Nice pull. Beats the pull I had. Nice look at the brand. It's a decent looking set but I'm not searching out anymore at the moment.

Billy Kingsley said...

Not a big fan of this set. It's just a cutout of the player over a whole lot of nothing. For being such a late season release it should have reflected the trade deadline, too. I am not sure I will get any of these.

Jafronius said...

I don't remember these popping up in retail last year either, but I've gotten a few when they've appeared in the Walmart and Meijer clearance bins.

Fuji said...

With all of the pastel colors used in this design... this is perfect for Easter weekend.