Friday, April 26, 2019

2019 Topps Opening Day Rack Pack


Still trying to sort while job hunting, so here's that rack pack of Opening Day I referred to back when I posted the retail pack.

There's 200 cards in the set, and here's the checklist for those interested.  Here's the pics of the cards I got:

#14 - Rick Porcello
#163 - Will Smith
#98 - Ozzie Albies

Folks have talked about the collation issues in Series 1.  As of now, I've bought 3 of these rack packs and the 1 retail pack I showed off before.  The Easter Bunny also hooked me up with a 3 pack.  So that's a total of 101 cards (foreshadowing).  I have 24 doubles.  An entire rack pack.  No bueno, Topps.

#158 - Gregory Polanco
#65 - Albert Pujols

Both of these guys are on one of my fantasy teams.  That team is 11th out of 12 teams.  I keep picking up Pujols thinking he'll produce, like he's still Cardinals Pujols.

#143 - Sean Manaea
#53 - Carlos Correa
#145 - Luis Severino

Yes, the cards appear out of order, but the Opening Day rack packs don't put their horizontal cards all in a row like flagship, so I got creative.

#26 - Zack Godley
#179 - Jake Arrieta
#54 - Mike Foltynewicz

Here are the inserts.  Oh yeah, my other 2 rack packs had the same 3 inserts in them.  Grrrrrrr.....

#YOF-7 - Sandy Koufax (150 Years of Fun)
#M-11 - Diamondbacks Mascot
#ODB-TBJ - Opening Day in Toronto

The 150 Years of Fun come 1 in 2 packs.  The Mascots are 1 in 2 packs as well.  Maybe I got some Super Short Print of D. Baxter wearing a baseball fez.

If I read the pack right, the Opening Day insert comes 1 in 7 packs.

#29 - David Dahl
#135 - Matt Chapman
#189 - Michael Conforto
#149 - Todd Frazier

#82 - Jonathan Villar
#92 - David Peralta
#113 - Edwin Diaz
#103 - Mitch Garver

Sorry for the bad camera angle, which makes some of the cards look like they're faded.

#121 - Orlando Arcia
#83 - Kole Calhoun

We end on a cool Kole Calhoun bat flip.  Here are the backs

 Bonus card:

#178 - Touki Toussaint (RC)

The 3 pack included a purple parallel, although the pack says "3 Packs Plus 3 Exclusive Cards Inside!"  Geez, another lazy error by Topps.  Not a bad looking card in hand.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!

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Jeremya1um said...

Is that Toussaint available? I collect him.