Saturday, April 06, 2019

2018 Topps Series 1 Rack Pack


Hope everyone is doing well.  These pics were still in my Scan folder, so since it's been while since we had a post here, I might as well break the drought.  It's a 2018 Topps Series 1 Rack Pack!

The boys each got me a pack of cards for my birthday last year.  My older son (the baseball loving one) got me a pack of Series 2.  My younger son (the baseball meh one) got me this one.  Here's what I got:

#270 – Jackie  Bradley Jr.
#303 – Luis Severino
#142 – Adam Jones
#345 – Jose Reyes
#24 – Martin Maldonado

I think everything that needs to be typed about Series 1 has been typed already, so I see no need to 
type a whole lot.

#170 – Christian Yelich
#50 – Anthony Rizzo
#350 – Clayton Kershaw
#18 – Rafael Devers (RC)

I really had no clue that Yelich had MVP caliber stuff.  Maybe it was because he played for the 

#276 – Ozzie Albies (RC)
#139 – Zach Davies (League Leaders)
#114 – Cody Bellinger (League Leaders)
#34 – Luis Severino (League Leaders)

Here come the inserts:

#SSS-18 – Felix Hernandez (Superstar Sensations) 1:3
#83-95 – Francisco Lindor 1:2
#LTM-CB – Cody Bellinger (Legends In The Making) 1:4
#KB-27 – Sets Cubs Rookie RBI Record 1:4

The Superstar Sensations came 1 in 3 packs, while the 1983 insert came 1 in 2.  Both the Legends and KB inserts came 1 in 4 packs.

#MLM-BP – Buster Posey (Major League Materials) (12/50) 

Woo!  Retail mojo!  If I read the odds on the back right, Major League Materials came 1 in 947 packs.

When I showed the boys the card, my eldest freaked out...that's part of Buster Posey's bat!  He used it in a game!  He held that piece of wood!  I wasn't going to go into the controversies about relics with the kid; I was more concerned at the time about making sure he didn't take the card from me and put his dirty paws on my relic card.  I asked my younger kid, who chose the pack for me, what he thought of the card.

"He's good, right daddy?  That's a good card?"

#159 – Joc Pederson
#160 – Masahiro Tanaka
#231 – Joe Mauer
#138 – Luiz Gohara (RC)

#95 – Tyler Mahle
#118 – Ian Happ (Future Stars)
#8 – Detroit Tigers Team Card
#2 – Clayton Kershaw (League Leaders)

#120 – Carlos Carrasco
#220 – Nelson Cruz
#69 – Jed Lowrie
#103 – Christian Vazquez

#131 – Jonathan Schoop
#340 – Gary Sanchez
#5 – Chris Tillman

#13 – Jay Bruce

Here's a bunch of backs because Buster Posey's good:

Anyway, that's the pack.   A cool pack to get for my birthday, even if it was from the non-baseball crazy kid.  More eventually...thanks for reading!


Big Tone said...

That's a great Posey!

Bulldog said...

Excellent pull even outside of the Posey card. Posey made it a great pull. Your son did well. Fun post.,

bbcardz said...

Very nice pack! It's especially nice that you got the gold version (#'d) of the Posey relic. (fwiw, I pulled the regular version of that.)