Friday, May 17, 2019

2018 Topps Update Series Retail


Hope everyone is ready for the weekend.   I'm still trying to organize my fractured collection.  I can't finish filing away the 2018 Flagship sets until I post a pack of last year's Update:

12 cards per pack, 300 cards in the set.  This pack came from the ol' Target gravity feeder box.  Here's what I got:

Sorry, forgot to crop the extra space out.

#US121 - George Springer (ASG)
#US95 - Dustin Fowler (RC)
#US88 - Daniel Mengden (RC)
#US108 - Sean Rodriguez

Too bad we didn't get a full view of Mengden's excellent 'stache.

#US195 - J.D. Martinez
#BH-13 - Bryce Harper Highlights
#US102 - Mr. 3000 #31/50

The Bryce card comes 1 in 4 packs.  I believe the Pujols checklist card is the Mother's Day Hot Pink variant, and if that's the case, that comes 1 in 369 packs.  Not bad at all.

Remembered to crop out the extra space this time.
#US30 - Jon Lester (ASG)
#US122 - Jesus Aguilar (HRD)

#US217 - Justin Verlander (ASG)
#US155 - Brad Ziegler
#US11 - Adam Engel

That is an awesome Engel card.

Here are the backs:

Anyway, that's the pack, quick and painless.  Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for reading!


Fuji said...

That Engle is fantastic!

Bulldog said...

I like the Verlander card too but Engel is the card of the pack.

Big Tone said...

I'm surprised you didn't pull an Ohtani.It seems like every post I see with 18 Topps Update packs being ripped ,an Ohtani almost always gets pulled.Nice cards ,nonetheless ;)