Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Blaster Bonus Pack

 I was out doing a little shopping this weekend and ended up picking up a blaster of this year's Diamond Kings.  I really like the product overall and featured a hobby pack a few weeks ago when this came out.  The blaster comes with a 5 card bonus pack of parallel cards.  Inside you can expect to find gold holo parallels, blue framed paralles and blue artist proof parallels.  Here's what I got.
 Hard to tell but this is a gold holo foil parallel.

 My blue artist's proof parallel.

 Here is my other holo gold parallel.
 In the pack were two "blue" framed parallels.  I put the blue in quotation marks as the frames look black as night.  But the black framed cards in this product are the rarest serial numbered to just 1.

 This Cabrera is from the 2003 Retro set.

I did get a few other goodies in the blaster and hit a double jersey relic of Jacob Nix, so not too shabby.

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Fuji said...

As much as I enjoy my MLB logos... I've gotta admit I like this set. The post I'm publishing today has a card from this set in it.