Monday, August 05, 2019

1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Series 1

Welcome back to the '90s, the greatest decade there ever was. Way back in the year 2012, I posted a pack of 1997 Collector's Choice Series 2 and have been constantly harassed about a possible follow-up project. At long last, here is the prequel to that legendary pack.

14 - Sammy Sosa The Big Show - We kick things off with a truly Big card. Sosa would become even bigger the following year.

41 - Alex Rodriguez The Big Show - These packs really deliver on the inserts, with a second Sportscenter-related insert found here. If the super-hyped A-Rod had hit a million home runs in 1998 (he hit a paltry 42... what the hell?), no one would have batted an eye. The formerly slight Sosa going toe to toe with the massive McGwire was weird, though, wasn't it?

154 - Marty Cordova - Finally, a base card. I can breathe again.

110 - Travis Fryman - Whenever Ignignokt (and maybe Err?) called Frylock "Fryman", it made me think of this guy. That's probably not totally fair, because he was a pretty solid player for a lot of years.

233 - Joey Cora - I think this is going to go in my girlfriend's "flying guys" collection.

144 - Scott Karl - He's stretching and just trying to catch a break, man.

16 - Brady Anderson Stick-Um's - Stickers, for the kids!

5 - Darin Erstad Rookie Class - I think this set has one of the better Collector's Choice base designs, but I am not a big fan of these Rookie Class cards.

200 - Ozzie Smith - Upper Deck was paying a proper final tribute respect to a legendary player here, something Topps could probably never will learn from.

156 - Rick Aguilera - Here's a look at a card back. Stats and a factoid!


Jafronius said...

At long last, an Aqua Teen reference on APTBNL!

Some would say that the Earth is our moon.

We're the moon.

But that would belittle the name of our moon, which is: The Moon.

Fuji said...

Still love stumbling across UDCC Stick Um's!

Anonymous said...

Man inflation has gone up. A 0.99 pack of cards for $1.50