Saturday, September 14, 2019

1993-94 NBA Hoops Series II

It's College Football Saturday, so why not check out a really old pack of basketball cards?! NBA Hoops was celebrating their fifth anniversary at this point, but had already been acquired by rival SkyBox. I might have actually paid a buck for this.

397 - Harvey Grant - The Blazers brought over Horace Grant's younger brother to be one of their big pieces after a few solid seasons with Washington as part of what was the slow dismantling of their great teams of the early '90s.

361 - Matt Geiger - Full color backs! I always appreciated the college stats on the back. With Panini now, we're lucky if we get any stats at all.

344 - Eric Riley - Not a memorable name to me.

420 - Checklist #2 - Alright, a checklist! Series 2 usually means rookies and a few random guys that changed teams recently, along with some subsets. David Robinson is lurking in the background here.

330 - Greg Anderson - Hey, it's Cadillac Anderson.

355 - Kurt Rambis - Sort of a cult hero because he wore glasses, I guess? Is Chris Sabo the Kurt Rambis of baseball (or maybe Eric Sogard?)

365 - Dan Schayes - Danny wears short shorts.

349 - Ken Williams 5th Anniversary - A one-per-pack parallel has this gold 5th anniversary seal on it. Pretty cool.

392 - Joe Kleine - Kleine was one of several big guys of somewhat limited utility who ended up with a ring with the Bulls.

319 - Bobby Phills - Phills died in the middle of his NBA career while street racing or something, and you can barely see him here, which is too bad.

HS25 - Shawn Kemp Scoops - Kemp is about to do something here. There's a bunch of Sonics trivia on the back. Remember the Sonics? David Stern remembers.

360 - Willie Burton - Is Burton about to dunk, lay it in or get rim-checked?

HS4 - Scottie Pippen Scoops - I'm not really buying into these.


Big Tone said...

Matt Geiger!With hair!

Billy Kingsley said...

Eric Riley may not be a big name, but he has an NBA championship! I think Kleine got at least one with Boston too.

Brett Alan said...

So odd that that Scoops insert says "The Seattle Supersonics". Can't be too many examples of cards using "The" in the team name....

Fuji said...

I've stumbled across a lot of 1993-94 Hoops during the last two decades of wandering around flea markets in search of cards.