Monday, September 09, 2019

50 Assorted New York Mets Cards

Took me a month to finally post this. I picked this up during my New York trip which included a game between Mets vs Nationals which Mets won. I will split this by year and card company.
1981 Topps: Claudell Washington, Frank Taveras
1982 Topps: Craig Swan
1985 Topps: Tim Foli - became journeyman player
1986 Topps Traded: Kevin Mitchell
1986 KayBee Toys: Ron Darling - odd ball card
1987 Donruss: Darryl Strawberry - highlights card of Straw being Player of the Month
1987 Topps: Dave Magadan - no All-Star but had 15 year career
1988 Donruss: Ron Darling, Gary Carter - Darling gets DK card. The Kid have one of best smiles in baseball.
1988 Topps: Keith Hernandez - fielding a grounder
1988 Fleer: Keith Hernandez (gloss), Barry Lyons, Roger McDowell, Gene Walter (gloss) - two of the cards from glossy set
1988 Score: Tim Teufel
1989 Topps: Ron Darling, Wally Backman, Keith Miller
1989 Fleer: Mookie Wilson
1989 Donruss: Darryl Strawberry
1989 Score: Kevin McReynolds, Gregg Jefferies
1989 Fleer: Darryl Strawberry (League Stadouts), Gregg Jefferies
1990 Score: Keith Hernandez, Mark Carreon
1990 Topps: evin McReynolds, Kevin Elster - I'm thinking both shots taken at the same game
1990 Donruss: Julio Machado, Howard Johnson, Randy Myers - Machado lasted three years in the league before spending years in prison
1991 Swell Baseball Greats: Bud Harrelson - another oddball card and one I never heard of before
1991 Topps: Julio Valera
1991 Fleer: Tim Teufel
1991 Donruss: Charlie O'Brien
1991 Score: Kevin Elster
1992 Score: Vince Coleman - Vincent Van Go was a Met
1992 Donruss: Doug Simons
1992 Fleer Ultra: Willie Randolph - his final season of his playing career before getting into coaching and managing which included three and half season stint as manager of Mets.
1992 Classic Four Sport: Chris Roberts - didn't make it to the majors peaking at AAA
1993 Topps: Pat Howell - his only year in the majors
1993 Fleer: Willie Randolph - Fleer likes taking photos at Wrigley
1993 Donruss - Joe Vitko - his only time in the majors
1993 Pinnacle: Bret Saberhagen
1994 Triple Play: Joe Orsulak
1994 Leaf: Todd Hundley - about throw em out
1995 Upper Deck SP: Bill Pulsipher - to me, will always be Mets big ifs along with Paul Wilson and Jason Isringhausen
2003 Fleer Tradition: Mike Piazza - the card of the front of the pack

As usual with these random packs of late 80s and early 90s stuff.


Big Tone said...

That 89 Score Jefferies Is a great card!I have to check and see If that was his RC or If he had an 88 Score card made.

Fuji said...

Good mixture of stuff. I like that they include parallels, oddballs, and inserts... as well as household names.