Wednesday, June 03, 2020

1999 Low and Inside Field of Dreams Movie Site

This "pack" come by way of the 1999 "Field of Dreams Movie Site" Official Souvenir Program. The set of cards comes attached to the back cover of the program. I have not detached the cards yet, so please forgive any fuzziness around the edges as my scanner was not happy scanning these from the book.

The cards are all on one sheet and are perforated to be separated from the book and from each other. There are 9 cards in all. Each card features a part of an American flag that was used as the background behind all of the cards. It makes more sense to see it.

Each card features either a real-life person who has played at the Field of Dreams Movie Site or a meaningful item from the movie site. The first three cards below show Maury Wills, Bob Gibson, and Fergie Jenkins:

The next three show the Doc Graham headstone from Minnesota, the "Baseball has Marked the Time..." title card, and Kelsey Grammer:

The final three cards depict Kirby Puckett, Bob Feller, and Reggie Jackson:

These cards are high gloss for sure! I will most likely rip the "uncut" page from the book and place it in a full-page 3-ring sleeve. Then again, there's really no reason to pull the page off, I suppose. Of course, I am known for setting cards "free" from things like graded slabs, so i will probably rip these apart and put them in a proper 9-pocket page.

The backs of the cards feature the same flag background along with the "Field of Dreams Movie Site" logo. The upper right corner says, "photo by Low and Inside." Below the logo, the featured item's name appears in all caps. There is a different "Field of Dreams" icon below the name and location information, phone number and web address appear at the bottom.

When I bought these, I did not realize they were attached to a program nor did I realize there was an Indians HOFer featured! BONUS!


P-town Tom said...

That's a very cool set! Thanks for sharing!

Fuji said...

I'd love to get my hands on one of these programs. Very cool.