Monday, June 22, 2020

2017 Topps Update Series Rack Pack


The last time I posted, it was Leap Day.  College basketball was getting ready for it's Madness.  The NBA and NHL were a month or so away from their playoffs.  Pitchers and catchers reported for duty.  Tom Brady was still a Patriot.

Then Rudy Gobert mockingly touched a bunch of microphones at a press conference regarding the Jazz's response to a dangerous virus that popped up in China at the end of 2019 and was working it's way around the world. Shortly thereafter, all the sports stopped.

So here we are in the middle of June with nothing happening.  Sure, there's a golf match here and a NASCAR race there, but the MLB can't get out of it's way to get a season together, the NBA wants to play in a bubble, and the NHL will have their playoff teams in 2 cities (but not in Canada unless they waive that pesky 2 week quarantine).

Is there a good thing to come out of the pandemic?  Well, The Wifey and I were able to close on a house and we were able to move before the country closed down, but that really wasn't a COVID-related event.  Oh, I know, all of the returning bloggers and the new posts here on this very site!  With the APTBNL offices closed and all of us working remotely, we had 58 posts in April and May...the last time we came close to this number was back in February and March of 2011, when we had 52 posts.

Because of the near daily posts (and the 3rd shift working and the unpacking), I decided to step back and let the other contributors go wild.  Thanks for the numerous and interesting packs guys!

Here's my return to posting with the oldest pics in the Scan's a 2017 Topps Update Series Rack Pack!

36 cards per pack, and if you missed the retail version, here it is.  Let's see what I got, real quickly since I've rambled on long enough and you all know the set anyway...and I'm working:

#US229 – Tyson Ross
#US165 – Boone Logan
#US155 – Run And Hit (Cincinnati Reds)
#US32 – Luis Torrens (RC)

#US149 – James Pazos
#US267 – Jhoulys Chacin
#US255 – Stefan Crichton (RC)
#US283 – Adam Eaton

#US284 – Peter Bourjos
#US6 – Ramon Torres (RC)
#US142 – Tzu-Wei Lin (RC)
#US225 – Andrew Benintendi (RC / RD)

#US258 – Francis Martes (RC)
#US181 – Emilio Pagan (RC)
#US62 – Travis Wood
#US42 – Seth Smith

#US152 – Robinson Cano (ASG)
#US171 – Brock Stassi (RC) (#300/2017)
#U-7 – CC Sabathia (Untouchables)  1:3
#PC-11 – San Francisco Giants (Postseason Celebrations) 

That Stassi is a Gold parallel if you couldn't tell.  The Untouchables had a 1 in 3 chance for a pull, and there was 1 celebration card per rack pack.

#US222 – Jose Ramirez (ASG)
#US290 – Anthony Rendon (Checklist)
#US276 – San Diego Padres Rookie Combos

#US266 – Jett Bandy
#US206 – Partners in Pop (Milwaukee Brewers)

That's a nice Jett card.

#US275 – Bradley Zimmer (RC)
#US65 – Giancarlo Stanton (HRD)
#US85 – Tommy Milone
#US2 – Domingo German (RC)

#US110 – Corey Seager (ASG)
#US11 – Gary Sanchez (HRD)
#US113 – Franklin Barreto (RC / RD)
#US227 – Trey Mancini (RC / RD)

#US215 – Joe Jimenez (RC)
#US259 – Tyler Austin (RC / RD)
#US130 – Zack Greinke (ASG)

Here are the backs...oh wait, I didn't take pics of the backs for some reason, sorry.  Those responsible have been sacked.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Have a good week, be safe, and thanks for reading!

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