Thursday, December 10, 2020

1992 Upper Deck Football Series 2

 I recently acquired a box of 1992 Upper Deck Series 2 football from a buddy.  Each pack has 15 cards so a lot of cards in a box for a series that only totaled 220 cards.  Some cards there was only one of and some cards as many as 5 in the box, with that said I don't believe I completed 1 220 card set so collation is suspect would have thought get at least a complete set here.  see below for some pictures of pack, label w/odds of the inserts, fronts & Backs of the cards.


John Bateman said...

1992 was a strange times for football cards as a group of players signed there own deal. You can notice that on the backs of the cards which NFLPA football logo by the Team Players? logo.

Bulldog said...

Love this set and I own both series. Very solid look. I like the back of that Deion more than the front. Dickerson as a Raider is also a fun card. Good post.