Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2021 Panini Contenders

Panini changed up the design of their annual Contenders set a bit this year by adding a border... and a fake QR code? That seems weird. I guess it's trying to fit with its game ticket-inspired theme and the fact that tickets to most events are becoming more digital and less physical these days. Here's a pack from a blaster box.

25 - Adolis Garcia - The former Cardinals farmhand suddenly became an All-Star last season. Odds might not be great that he'll continue on that path, but we'll see.

90 - Tim Anderson - I don't know why the first thing I think of when I see Tim Anderson is "bat flip", because that shouldn't be career-defining or anything.

44 - Giancarlo Stanton Green - Green foil parallels are a common retail occurrence. They don't scan well, though.

TTS-JB - Javier Baez Ticket to Stardom - I think this is my first card of Javy Baez on the Mets, or... well, we're not allowed to call them that on Panini cards. The New York team. Yeah.

64 - Miguel Rojas Optic Red Wave - Blasters come with a few Optic "wave" parallels. I'm guessing this is a red one, based on the background.


Bo said...

No logos, plus the facemasks over most of the batters, make these cards look very anonymous.

Jafronius said...

Yep, the reason why many stay away from Panini baseball cards...digging those all white Miami uniforms!

Bulldog said...

I try getting past Panini not having the license but these are just so lacking. And the photos seem a big small within the frame. Overall I don't mind the design.