Thursday, May 19, 2022

1993 Pacific Gunsmoke

Today, we're bustin' open a pack of 1993 Pacific Gunsmoke cards. The set contains 110 cards. The cards are standard 2x3 size. Each one features a character or scene from the TV show. Most of the cards are in black and white, but there are some in color throughout the set. The cards are framed by a white border. In the lower left corner, we have the "Gunsmoke" text with a rifle above it. The lower right shows a "smoke cloud" with the card caption. (click images to view full scan)

Here is an example of a horizontal layout with a cast member group shot, one in black and white and the other in color:

The backs of the cards have a border that resembles a hanging piece of paper, tacked up with a nail. "GUNSMOKE" in all caps heads the text. Below that, information about the image featured on the front. At the bottom, we see the card number, the "Pacific" logo, and copyright information:

A full checklist can be found here:

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