Wednesday, May 25, 2022

2008 Topps Hannah Montana Sticker Cards


Look, I can't let poor SumoMenkoMan be the only one to post a pack of Hannah Montana cards. These are not the same as the ones he posted. As he said, if our goal is open at least one of every pack of everything, then well, we're going to have things like this... 

This is a pack of 2008 Topps Hannah Montana Sticker Cards. Cards measure the standard 2x3. They are full-color borderless stickers. Yeap, that's right: every single "card" in the pack is actually a sticker. The set has 90 base sticker cards, 10 "mega stickers" (Is that like a "mega pint?"), 10 foil stickers, 8 glitter stickers, and 10 "blaster-exclusive" stickers.

The first sticker in the pack is a foil. The foil does not have any text on the front. The second is a base item and has a "Hannah Montana" insignia in the lower left with a colored edging along the bottom. Inside the border is a caption for the card:

In fact, all the base sticker cards in the set have a photo that takes up the majority of the front with the logo/border along the bottom. 

The next two were scanned in reverse order. The card back should have been last. Ah well. The backs feature a simulated texture as the background. The color of the backs matches the edging on the front. In the upper left, the card number. Centered at the top is the caption repeated from the front. A paragraph details the scene or item portrayed on the front. There is a near "quarter round" image in the lower right that shows a cropped portion of the front image. At the bottom, we see copyright info, corporate branding, and the "Lift to Peel" instructions. 

I will say that without the "Lift and Peel" instructions, you'd probably never know these were stickers. They look like cards and feel like cards. 

Here a detailed checklist:

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