Friday, May 13, 2022

1994 Skybox Lion King


Today, we have a pack of 1994 Skybox Lion King. Each pack has 5 cards plus, as a Walmart exclusive, 1 coloring card. The set contains 65 movie scene cards, 10 Character cards, 7 Circle of Life cards, 6 Animal Humor cards, and 2 checklists. That makes cards numbered 1-90. In addition to these, it's possible to get foil character cards, pop-up cards, or lenticular hologram cards. These inserts have their own numbering. See the link to the checklist at the bottom of the post.

The cards themselves are high-gloss and borderless. These are very good-looking cards! The first one features Scar and Nala:

Next, we have Scar meeting karma...
We ended up with the second ("B") checklist:
Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba...
The coloring card we ended up with is Timon:
We also pulled a character card of Nala:
This is the "back" of the Timon coloring card. You see the "C4" card number on it:
The backs of the cards feature the card number, the Lion King logo/insignia, a blurb about the featured image, and copyright info:

The checklist with detailed explanations into the various subsets can be found here: 

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Fuji said...

Still one of my favorite Disney movies of all-time. Didn't realize this was a Walmart exclusive product.