Sunday, December 19, 2010

1990 Topps Big Baseball Series 1

Topps Big! Go Big or go home, you know? This was an odd little set, released in three series of 110 cards each. I believe 1990 was the last year that they were produced. They used full color backs, glossy fronts and an annoying, slightly larger than standard size. The designs were sort of a hybrid of '50s Topps horizontal designs and early '90s "flavor".

59 - Robin Yount (Yount's card was actually stuck to the plastic wrapper a little bit, so a few flecks of the card peeled off.)

99 - Tom Glavine (Glavine looks like he's 14 here. Wow!)

19 - Mark Grace (Cartoons on the back. Gotta love that.)

82 - Orel Hershiser (Orel Leonard Hershiser. You get their full names in huge letters on the back. Donruss was into that, too.)

54 - Daryl Boston

53 - Al Newman

23 - Bob Walk (Not too many teams have jersey numbers on their sleeves these days.)

61 - Mike Greenwell (The pride of the late '80s/early '90s Red Sox looks kind of creepy here.)


MattR said...

I liked these cards

Sal said...

I'm not a baseball fan per se, but I loved the 1989 Topps Big Baseball set. It's one of the few baseball card sets I look for at shows. One day, I hope to own it.

kevincrumbs said...

With the right clothes, a bicycle and maybe a pair of glasses, Bob Walk could be any Portland hipster.

LoCoDe said...

re: Bob Walk

it's not a number on his sleeve, it's the initials RSC

See Bobby Bo here:

The Bucs wore these initials in memory of Pittsburgh mayor Richard Calaguri who died in May 1988.