Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2006 Upper Deck Retail NFL

Nothing special tonight. Just a pack of 2006 Upper Deck Retail. Only 5 cards per pack. When I just opened this pack all 5 of the cards were damaged! This also came in one of those variety pack boxes so there is nothing I can do about it now. O-well!

Terry Glenn- #53. Awesome picture, but keep your eyes on the ball!

Keary Colbert- #28. Not sure what the 58 and 51 stand for...

Curtis Martin #1KR-CM. 10 Time 1000 Yard Rushing Club. Cool Insert.

Antonio Bryant- #167.

Michael Strahan- #131. If you hear the whistle start running! 

So as expected nothing special here. The look is just like the 2006 UD Baseball set. Just not as large of a set as the baseball one which has 1250 cards compared to 275 for this set. Pictures on the cards look cool. 


Charles @ Hoopography said...

That Martin is nice. Is the entire card foil, background and all.

Captain Canuck said...

the #58 and #51 refer to players on the Panthers that were unable to play after being diagnosed with cancer.
Sam Mills was one, I don't recall the other fellow's name...

bigbluekt said...

The Martin only has foil on the right side where the words are.

That's an awesome little tribute to those players that they would put it on a card like that. See if it wasn't on that card I would have never known about them. Pretty cool idea.

flywheels said...

Mark Fields was the other Carolina Panther that was suffering from cancer. Turns out he was sort of a jerk too while Sam Mills was one of the nicest guys to ever wear a football uniform.