Friday, December 03, 2010

1991-92 Skybox Series II

Recently I picked up a few boxes of cards for cheap just to have something to open.  One of the boxes I acquired was 1991-92 Skybox Series II.  I was just a kid in Jr. High School when these cards were new and I can remember the excitement and buzz over the cards (for whatever reason).  Let's rip the pack and take a look at what I thought were some of the coolest basketball cards at the time.


The cards came in shiny silver foil packs with different designs.  This was before the insert craze was started so there are just a random assortment of 15 cards in each pack.


The basic design of this set is rather simple.  Each white cardboard stock card features random CGI images and designs that form the back ground of the card.  In typical Skybox fashion there also is a glow and streak around the basketball itself.  Series II featured new subsets that weren't included in series 1 such as 'The 6th Man', 'Team USA' and 'Small School Sensations'.  While some may say these cards haven't aged very well I would have to disagree.  I still like the way these cards look.  I like the fact that they still stand out from other sets that have been produced over the years.  Granted some of the colors and designs used aren't the prettiest to look at they still have a look all their own.  The white cards look much better than the previous year's gold frame and dark backgrounds.


From what I can remember I believe one of the main draws with this set was the inclusion of Team USA cards since the Dream Team would be suiting up and taking on the world in the 1992 summer Olympic games.  I should mention that these cards have a non-glossy finish with the exception of the 'Game Frame' cards featuring action shots of each NBA team.  I'm not sure why this is since these cards are part of the numbered base set. 

Love 'em or hate 'em these basketball cards still stand out nearly 20 years later.  Sporting a good player selection and a interesting design this set is a lot of fun...and I'm not even a basketball card collector.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Love those cards. The series II packs included USA cards. Those cheesy 90's graphics are awesome. Fun Stuff.

Fuji said...

The best things about this product were the Olympic cards... there was a non-numbered Team USA card inserted into this product... and a sweet three card subset that when placed side by side pictured the whole dream team.