Friday, December 03, 2010

1998 Pinnacle Performers

I've been running a group break over on my blog - this is a pack from that particular break (pack #22 from the Pinnacle box for those keeping track of such things).

1998 Pinnacle Performers

16.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals

39.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
One thing I noticed from the set is often the better picture is on the back of the card rather than the front.  Weird...
77.  Todd Hundley - Mets

81.  Jason Kendall - Pirates

96.  Jeff Abbott - White Sox

119.  Miguel Tejada - Athletics

126.  Juan Encarnacion - Tigers

149.  Checklist

There are three checklists in the set - they are numbered as part of the set and make up the last three cards in the set.  I'm pretty sure I used the word set too many times for one sentence.
32 of 50.  Vinny Castilla - Swing for the Fences - Rockies

The Swing for the Fences cards were part of an insert contest thing. The idea was to find the league homerun leader AND find a card depicting the correct number of homeruns that player hit in order to win some sort of prize.


Todd Uncommon said...

Wow. Look how skinny Vinny looks.

Jeff Bunnell said...

Wow, a very ugly looking base set...way too busy.