Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2007 Playoff Prestige NFL Retail

One of my favorite card brands has always been Prestige. I just always have like the look of there cards. Some say they are simple, but this is a classy simple. I received this pack of 07 Prestige Retail in one of those value boxes and have been waiting to open it for you all. These packs always seem to surprise me, so maybe this one will be money. 

#35- Braylon "Butter Fingers" Edwards.

#59- Andre "I will punch you in the face" Johnson.

#205- Lorenzo "I'm in the UFL now but the Vikings wanted to sign me but wouldn't pay a $150,000 transfer fee so I boycotted my last UFL game" Booker- Gold Xtra Points Insert.

#246- Jeff "I was cut by the Patriots this season" Rowe.

#122- Philip "Giants Fan Love me for that trade" Rivers.

Cool little pack for just being Retail. I wish the insert was numbered but it's a nice pick up because he might get signed next season by someone and play again in the NFL (I hope). Bad situation for Booker this season with the transfer fee, but maybe next season. All three base cards of the Vets were all drafted in the 1st round. And it's funny to pull the Johnson after that rough fight. 

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John Bateman said...

The Photos are really good - they have some interesting background action on the cards.