Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2000 Pacific Pukeymon

Oh, you'd like to THINK that I was making these up, that perhaps these came to me in a dream of some sort and that I fashioned them myself.  Alas, these are actual cards.  This is a parody set made by Pacific in 2000.  Each pack has five cards and you have a 4:37 chance of pulling a scratch-n-sniff! Seriously. Seriously?

The cards themselves are actually very well-made for being parody cards.  In fact, they are very slick and high gloss.  I think maybe Pacific should have used this stock for their other cards.  Each card features a parodied character or characters.  Above, we have Gruesum and the evolution into Gruesumtwosum.  

In addition to a picture, the cards feature a Sleaze Factor (SF), a Daffynition, a "Mean Skill," and a Worthlessness score (W).  Notice the toilet in the lower right corner?  The lower the score, the more worthless the card.  I dunno, man. I think they should all be about 116/116 on the W-scale. 

This is probably one of my favorites, based on the name itself.  

This one actually had a TWO-TOILET rating in addition to its Worthlessness score.  That's gotta be bad. 

We finish out the 5-card pack with a dose of Halitosis.  Yum.  And I didn't even get a scratch-n-sniff.

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bigbluekt said...

Why is everyone so down on this set? It looks awesome!