Monday, November 08, 2010

2009 The Twilight Saga New Moon

Ok no more 2007 Football cards for a while. Tonight I will open a pack of cards from a Movie and Book series I have never seen and honestly I know nothing about. So please bare with me! These cards are from The Twilight Sage New Moon. 6 Cards per pack. Let's see what we get!

Front of the pack.

#33- Cullens Celebrate. Did you know Vampires can't eat cake? It's on the back...

#41- Despair. She's Depressed...Something about e-mails not going through.

#17- Jane. Hey it's that little girl Dakota Fanning! 

#49- Speeding To Edward. Speeding and not wearing a helmet...The back says she fell off the bike. Good one! 

#67- Edward In Trouble. See he's getting choked out in the back.

#53- Unexpected Reunion. Freaky Eyes...

Back of what the cards look like. 

Ok well I still know nothing about the movie. Pretty sure i'll never get into it either. The main female role, Bella, always looks depressed in Real Life...Must suck to be worth millions...

I don't know what the inserts look like since I didn't pull any. And I won't be buying anymore of these. But the base set has 72 cards in it. And the cards are glossy. 


Todd Uncommon said...

Sport or non-sport. It's so lazy to just repeat the front photo on the back, and not even apply a little shoop filter on it, or something. I always feel a little ripped off when I get the same photo twice.

Nice "Despair" card. That one just makes me laugh out loud. "Mary Sue" is moar liek it, amirite?

"Speeding to Edward" is pretty funny too. Both miles per hour is practically making her hair horizontal behind her. Or not.

Bulldog said...

I like the Edward in Trouble card. The Volturi were the antagonists and pretty cool actually IMO. Jane card was good too. Another character I liked. And Bella was never ever happy or so seemed it...horrible acting job...just saying.