Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Classics Hobby Football

Back to some risky football packs that I like to pick up. Forgot how much I paid for this one, but I love the look of the packs and always think im going to pull a Game Used card...and as you all know, I have some bad luck. So let's rip this bad boy and see what we have!

We have Manning on the front of a gold foil like material. Hmm Classic Cuts Signatures- I'm crossing my fingers!!!

#41- Dallas Clark. Nice action shot.

#98- Chris Cooley. Two TEs in a row.

BAM!!!! Dez Bryant RC #133!!!!! Finally a nice rc pick up! This is now the 3rd Bryant i've pulled this year. One was a Rookie Auto, and the other was a 2010 Finest RC. 

Back- Serial Numbered (357/999) $20.00 Book Value! Having an awesome year! Well this pack is worth it!

#25- Felix Jones.

#82- Philip Rivers. As a Giants fan i'm happy to have gotten Eli...I still think he is the better of the two.

So there we have a five card pack. Because of the Big Name Rookie i'm completely happy about this pack. If not for him I wouldn't have been to impressed. I actually think the pack looks better than the cards. Why have a golden pack, and then white cards???? They should have a golden tint to them, shouldn't they? 

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