Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball (Hobby)

Colbey here from Cardboard Collections again.  I had to swing by the LCS this afternoon to pick up some small boxes to mail out some cards and upon checking out I noticed they had a few boxes of the new 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball.


I don't normally buy much hobby stuff unless I'm buying a whole box, but I plopped down the 5 spot for one pack and here is what was inside.

#188 Austin Jackson RC
If you've seen the regular Bowman cards then you know what you're getting here.

#BCP208 Graham Stoneburner
Gotta say that I love that last name!

#USA-7 Christian Lopes

#BCP173 Armando Rodriguez
At $5.00 a pack with only 4 cards inside I won't be buying anymore of this.  The chrome cards look better in person, but most of you know that already.  What I want to know is why were all the cards in the pack dusty?  I had to wipe off each card with a clean tissue to get them to really shine.  I don't remember having that problem with Topps Chrome.  All of these cards will be available for trade on my blog if anyone is interested. 


shelliebee said...

I bought a hobby box yesterday and pulled a 1/1 super refractor auto! Francisco Lindor USA baseball. take a look!

I got the box for $69.99

flywheels said...

I saw that shelliebee - congrats!

madding said...

I wonder what the logic was behind releasing Topps and Bowman Chrome so close together this year.

Play at the Plate said...

I opened more than one pack of Topps Chrome where every card was covered in that dust. At 1.25 per card, that is an expensive lottery ticket.

Todd Uncommon said...

Topps should rename this product "Bowman Chrome Baby Yankees and Some Other Guys". It seems like every pack has at least one (presumably future) Yankee, even if he was the 67th pick of the draft.

Is the Yankee dominance of the hobby really that real? Or is it just an assumption that every third baseball fan is a Yankee fan who is also willing to plunk down cash for anything with an NY on it?