Sunday, November 28, 2010

1980 Topps Football

  • This was the last year of the classic Topps logo. They switched to the modern logo in 1981.
  • Each pack had 12 cards and the ubiquitous slab of gum.
  • This set was licenced by the NFLPA but not by the NFL. Players names were allowed to be used, but not the team logos. I never noticed this when I collected the set 30+ years ago, but it really stands out now.
  • This was the last football set I collected from packs. After the 1981 baseball season I must have run out of  money or something.



Captain Canuck said...

hmmmm.... cool set, but not a great pack.

Fuji said...

I really like the Stanley Morgan... he was a great receiver during the 80's.

Also... I never realized that 1980 Topps football didn't have team logos until now...

I guess we learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing.

bigbluekt said...

hen I saw the Colts Team Leaders at first I thought it was one of those pictures for your school year book where it would say "Missing Photo"...that looks horrible!

Jeremy said...

The Colts card is awesome, not for the way that it looks. (it's pretty bland looking), but for the fact that it depicts all american RB Joe Washington from my alma mater. I never see football packs that old around here. I should look harder I guess. Thanks for sharing!

Todd Uncommon said...

The Bill Bergey Boogaloo card is one of my unintentional favorites from 1980.

Also, Topps finally got NFL Properties permission in 1982, and full logos and team identifers were allowed for the first time. I remember for my 12-year-old brain it was practically a revelation that images could be used as they appeared in real life. I agree--the earlier sets looked like some kind of sociology experiment.