Friday, November 05, 2010

2006-07 Fleer Basketball

Happy Friday. I feel like I've posted a bunch of Fleer basketball lately, but that's not going to stop me. I think I like this design better than the more recent stuff.

15 - Raymond Felton (North Carolina guy coming off of his first NBA season. He's with the Knicks now.)

93 - Bobby Jackson (Here's a Hornet card from the OKC era. I wouldn't have minded if the Hornets stayed in Oklahoma City and Seattle still had a team.)

5 - Josh Smith (Extremely hideous looking Hawks uniform here.)

67 - Tracy McGrady (I could probably build something out of all of the McGrady cards I'm accumulating.)

126 - Desmond Mason

109 - Bobby Simmons

133 - Stephon Marbury (Starbury! About the only good thing he did was come up with his low budget shoe line.)

119 - Richard Jefferson (One of the most boring good basketball players ever. It's fitting that he plays for the Spurs now.)

189 - Gordan Giricek

TL-MB - Mike Bibby Team Leaders (Last card is an insert of the former Vancouver Grizzlies point guard.)

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The Dimwit said...

As far as what to build with that pile of T-Mac cards... how about a bonfire? Burn all the images of T-Mac in a Rockets uniform out of my head!!!!!!! What a waste of talent...