Friday, November 05, 2010

2007 Upper Deck Football (Retail)

Tonight we have a nice little find. A retail pack of 2007 Upper Deck Football. Lots of good rookie cards in this set. So maybe we'll get lucky and pull one of those bad boys, say Peterson maybe?? These have a $1.99 price tag right on the pack. They only come with 5 cards per pack in them. So they better offer something good for this to be worth it. Lets find out!

Front of the pack. 

#82- Joseph Addai. Having a pretty good fantasy year!

#37- Carson Palmer. Also having a great Fantasy Year!

#67- Charles Woodson. Well he is helping the Packers have a good defensive year. 2 Ints.

#114- Teddy Bruschi. I wonder if he play's Fantasy Football....

#172- Deion Branch. Not a great Fantasy Year. Only 2 TDs. 

So there it is everybody. No big star names and no rookie cards. But it wasn't the worst pack ever. At least I had a little fun with some fantasy football remarks. That was the only thing that kept me going on this one. 

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