Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Topps Platinum NFL Hobby

Went to the store because I had a 20% off coupon for anything over $50 spent. So to me that meant: Buy a ton of packs!!!! So that I did. One of the many packs I bought was a 2010 Topps Platinum NFL pack. It was listed at $6.99 but remember I had a discount! So it seemed like a decent buy. Each pack comes with 5 cards.

What the pack looks like. Very simple but elegant design. 

#113- Mike Wallace. The scan doesn't show it well but the card is super glossy with that silver background. 

#129- Ryan Grant. Pretty cool picture of him.

#122- Rob Gronkowski RC Refractor #d (324/499). Nice looking card. Rob was drafted in the second round in 2010. He has three touchdowns this year so far.

#116- Riley Cooper RC. 5th round pick. Has played very little this season. But does have one TD. 

#163- Ray Rice! Rutgers Standout! Living in NY we all loved Ray Rice when Rutgers had that breakthrough year. 

Back of what the cards look like. 

My bonus card, although I think every pack might have a check list in it. The checklists are un-numbered so i'm not sure how many there are. 

I was a little surprised I didn't get any cards from #1-#99. I'm always happy to pull RCs, but pulling the RC Refractor of a guy who's actually playing is always the best. I hope he because a standout. This set is actually filled with RCs. There are 165 total cards. It seems like a fun set to collect that might be a little challenging due to the number of RCs. But it's a great looking set. 

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