Saturday, November 20, 2010

1999 WCW/NWO Nitro

Found this pack of 1999 WCW/NWO Nitro cards in the $0.99 bin at the local K-Mart. I know nothing about Wrestling so this isn't going to be educational! The packs were on sale for $0.99 in 1999, and still in 2010...Yes I over paid by $0.98!!!! 

#64- Storm. Former Miss Black America.

#72- Sonny Onoo. Manager. 

#31- Buff Bagwell.

#30- Konnan. Looks badass.

Last card is one of the Sticker Inserts of Macho Man and Sting. These are stickers #S4. I know these two guys. But this is when Sting became a weirdo. Macho Man was the Man! 

So again I wasn't a wrestling guy, but for some of you, I'm sure these guys bring back memories. Are any of these people still wrestling? 

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R.N. Coyote said...

Konnan wrestles in Mexico. Buff Bagwell in occasional independent shows. WCW was sold to their competitor WWE in 2001.