Thursday, November 18, 2010

1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 2

Wazowwww! Look at this stuff! Super baseball experience! Virtual reality! Major league time!

379 - Jesus Tavarez (Oh... man. Now I'm sad.)

213 - Rickey Henderson Virtual Reality (Rickey is serious.)

- Checklist (Blammo!)

492 - Andrew Lorraine (Blurry photo.)

319 - Kirby Puckett Best Seat in the House

335 - Devon White ("Am I supposed to take this thing off before I swing?")

413 - Josias Manzanillo ("The joke's on you! You've never heard of me and you still want my autograph.")

456 - Tom Candiotti (The Candyman can.)

364 - Pat Rapp (The Marlins franchise can no longer afford this much teal for their uniforms.)

352 - Pat Meares (Ex-Portland Beaver.)

274 - Todd Zeile

298 - Alan Trammell

494 - Mike Blowers

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Play at the Plate said...

I wonder if that Manzanillo ball is still sitting on someone's bookshelf.