Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1990 Score Football Series 1

Here is a not so great pack of cards from 1990. It's 1990 Score Series 1 Football. There are 16 cards plus one Magic Motion Card per pack. There are 660 cards in this set...so im guessing Series One has 330 cards. There are no Big Name Rookies in this set or High Value Cards. But there are some Variations of cards...so maybe we'll see one of those. Lets open the pack and find out!

What the pack front looks like. 

#30- Eric Metcalf. Very Colorful Cards. 

#25- John Elway!!! Nice little score on this pack! I think its the highest priced card in the set haha

Next bunch of cards:
#29- Lorenzo White
#127- Tim McDonald
#137- Todd McNair
#147- Joey Browner
#274- Anthony Toney
#229- Dave Brown

Here is the Trivia card: What player fumbled the most times in one Super Bowl Game? (A) Craig Morton, (B) Terry Bradshaw, (C) Roger Staubach, or (D) Joe Namath. If you want to know the answer i'll post it in the comments!

Next Cards:
#251- Freddie Joe Nunn
#60- Bernie Kosar
#61- Dave Krieg

#308- Barry Foster RC.  Looks like he only played five seasons with the Steelers.

#315- Don Majkowski. Hot Gun because he had a Rating of 82.3? But played 10 seasons. 

#216- Jim Arnold
#219- Rodney Peete. Remember him! He played up until 2004!

And last: 
HOF06 DE #203- Reggie White! To bad one of the corners is all messed up! 

Well although this is a pretty crappy brand of card, and it didn't yield any top dollar cards, i'm pretty happy that I pulled Two HOF players out of the bunch. So that makes this pack a little easier to get over!


bigbluekt said...

The Answer to the Question is C. Roger Staubach with 3 Fumbles in the 1976 Super Bowl.

Matt Pederson said...

This is one of those sets where I have a ton of cards, but I don't care about them enough to even organize them.

Hackenbush said...

I think I still have some unopened packs of these.

Unknown said...

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bigbluekt said...

Even if you collected this whole set, it would only be worth $15 haha