Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2006 Playoff Prestige Football

I am one of those guys who really likes the look of Prestige cards. More so in football. So I picked up a pack of 2006 Playoff Prestige to open up tonight. Each pack has 5 cards. The pack says to look for 60 New Rookie Cards. If you've been reading my posts recently you'll find that I have horrible luck with pulling rookie cards. But lets open up and see what we have! 

Front of the pack shows Reggie Bush.

#109- Jerry Porter. Cool looking cards. 

#118- Hines Ward. Ok we have our first real Star!

#190- Ernie Sims. Ok we have the #9 overall draft pick in 2006 by the Lions. He still plays. He is a starter for the Eagles right now. My biggest issue with it is that he's a value there! 

#118- Hines Ward. No I didn't make a mistake. Here we have an Xtra Points Gold Insert Card. Not serial numbered...Boo. But what are the odds in pulling two Hines Ward Cards in the same pack?

#136- Marshall Faulk. Front of card.

Back of cards. 

In all not a horrible pack. We picked up three star cards, a top ten draft pick, and an insert. I've done a lot worse before! All of the cards are action shots which I like. The rookies are in college uniforms which is great. To bad the insert wasn't numbered. The cards are glossy, but have a great look to them in my opinion. Maybe i'll buy a box of this one day! 

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