Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2008 Marvel Heroes Ultimate Collection

Anybody out there??? Well I was on ebay and found a pack of 2008 Marvel Heroes Ultimate Collection Stickers. Never heard of this, and maybe thats because these were made in Italy by the Prezios Collection. Yeah don't worry I have no clue either. But each pack comes with two mini packs of 6 stickers each and a mini figurine. Let's open it up and see what we have here!

What the package looks like.

The mini figurine is Iron Man. About 2 inches.

#s 55, 86, 32. I like the most wanted sticker. 

#s 117, 39. No clue who they are...

#35, 100....Looks like Nick Cage!

#s 27, 69, 120. I guess these are action shots?

The last two are different. Their numbers are R and M. I'm taking a shot in the dark, but maybe these ones are numbered A-Z.

I didn't scan the back of the stickers because they are just a black and white version of the pack cover. Nothing special there. Ok well I don't know much about Marvel, but I think they are pretty cool. I paid less than $3 for the pack (Just for all of you!). Has anyone seen these before?


flywheels said...

#117 Rhino, #39 Namor, #35 Gambit, #100 Ghost Rider

I think I saw these in the check out lane @ the local Dollar Tree. I like those I.D. Card stickers...

Unknown said...

i have looad of these stickers

Unknown said...

i have looads of these