Sunday, October 04, 2015

1991 Conlon Collection

Today we are dialing the wayback machine to 1991 and one of the many Conlon releases. This is a cello pack I pulled from a repack box about a year ago. The randomizer says it's time to show it off.

If you were pack searching in '91, this would be one to grab with Dizzy Deam clearly shown. Per the AWESOME Conlon Baseball Card Collector site (bookmark that site - it's a wealth of info), this is the first release from the three Megacards sets put out in 1991. We all know the cards so I'll knock through them three at a time.

Not a bad card right under the Dean. If you are a fan of the old wool uniforms, Conlon is the set for you.

Spy Moe Berg gets some cardboard love.

You really cannot go wrong ripping a pack of Conlon. Here's a gander at the simple backs.

Full career stats.


Fuji said...

The more I see these cards... the more I enjoy them. If I didn't already have tons of other side products, I'd actually consider picking up all of the Conlon sets and putting them into binders.

Captain Canuck said...


I will finish this set one day before it kills me.