Friday, October 09, 2015

2015 Panini Gridiron Kings

I picked up a few random packs to share at the last trade night I attended at Bosco's here in Anchorage.  I was excited to see the new Gridiron Kings.  I read the Panini blog all the time and saw the pack out and box bust and then watched the two box break "Unwrapped" video.  The product looked interesting.  I thought the price per pack was a little high so I only picked up one pack.

The base cards are beautiful.  I'd consider, and still foolishly am, putting the set together, but unless I can find the per card price a lot cheaper that's probably not going to happen.  Let's look at what I got.

The Unwrapped video was full of all sorts of great set information.  In the 8 card pack you can expect 5 base cards, unless you get a thick hit.  I'm sure the cards were not really painted, but photoshopped to look like they were painted.  Regardless the base cards still look great.

Jeremy Hill had a huge week last week and I have him on one of my fantasy teams.

The video also said that you can expect two to three framed parallels.  Non of the parallels with the exception of the super rare Black Framed 1 of 1's are numbered, but the run down is Red most common, then blue, then green and black.

The brown framed cards are actually SP's numbered into the set.  That's right there are 100 SP's in the set.  Yikes.

I didn't pull a hit, which is always disappointing, but there are a bunch of interesting inserts.

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Hackenbush said...

That's a great Photoshop effect. I like them!