Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Panini Americana

I am on a mission - scan folder clear out. So you will be seeing me every other day for a while. I WILL GET THIS SUCKER CLEANED!

Let's look at a non-sport release. Panini has put out a number of Americana releases over the years. 2015 sees it come back yet again, with TV and movie stars getting their chance on cardboard not as characters, but as themselves, for the most part.

The pack is fairly similar to past years, with the Americana logo all 'Merica'd and stuff. Few of the potential stars on the wrapper, though Hulkster is a sore eye after the fact. Personal opinion: he made a mistake, and I think the fact that he can be a lot of a jerk played a part in how he was treated. Hey - I have skeletons in my closet. We all do. I think he'll come back into the fold in a few years. This is a hobby pack, and you get 4 hits in a box: 2 autos and two relics. I miss Golden Age, so this isn't a box buy for me, but a pack buy for you guys. You're welcome.

Eh. Simple design, and I'm calling that a plus. No foil - I'm calling that a win. These are celebrities, and for many, their look is all that matters, so a simple portrait is all we can expect. The base set is 73 cards. No, that is not a typo - 73. If you don't recognize Alexa, think back to Spy Kids. Yup - that little girl. All grown up.

Americana is insert heavy, and here is a die cut insert set called "On The Tube". There are two versions of this set - one a 46 card set of recent start, and this vintage version 10 cards strong.

Here's the back. I just felt I should add it to the post.

Biz Markie is proof anyone can be a star. Just need the right shtick at the right time. The blue? Oh - this is a parallel. The base set has blue and red, plus green numbered to 25 and black that are 1/1.

Screen Legends is a 16 card insert set of the big names from the golden age of film.

I'll give you another back for this set. Interesting they went horizontal on the back.

I'm not sure if the idea of 3 base and two inserts is the standard of a pack or just how this one came out. Taryn got her first big break with the movie 8 Mile, and then turned her talent into Sons of Anarchy and Orange Is the New Black.

If pop culture is your thing, a box of this could be a fun rip. Depending on the Black Friday deal, I might get this simply for the hits within. I love me a good relic of old movie stars.

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Hackenbush said...

Such an odd set. 73 cards does seem small. I do like that young Jimmy Stewart photo.