Friday, June 17, 2016

1965 Donruss World of Stamps

The wrapper is true vintage wax pack. A collector could plop down a nickel and buy a pack of stamps that included a large piece of gum, a variety of stamps and a Stamp Album ordering card.

The stamps were all put into a small sleeve. The sleeve had been sealed due to the age of the gum. The gum broke down and made something of a mess of the sleeve (the red stuff all over it):

But, with VERY careful scissor skills, I was able to extract the stamps! I ended up with five of them.

Hungary - 8f Magyar Posta - Features a brown tint image of a man carrying crops with a green house or homestead in the background. I tried searching for this stamp online, but could not find this exact one, so I can't tell you anything else about it. Any collectors out there?

Bulgaria - 3 hapoaha penybanka - I believe, after a LOT of searching, this is a 631 Series stamp featuring a bath house. Really, though, I have no idea.

India - 1A India Service - India 1950 Capital of Asokan Pillar - Wow, this one came up easily when I searched for "1a India Service Stamp."

Czechoslovakia - 60h Czechoslovakia - A quick search turn up a "circa" 1960 stamp featuring the Gothic Karlstejn (Karlstein) Castle.

Denmark - 1953 Danmark 30 ore Kongelig Royal Postal Stamp featuring King Frederick IX. This one actually has a great cancellation mark on it (at least to my untrained, unknowing-any-better eyes) from København (Copenhagen, I believe). NOTE: The scanner made the weird split near the bottom of the stamp. The actual stamp is not like that.


Grant said...

At 51 years old, it's APTBNL's third oldest. I feel old remembering when we used to send coins through the mail as payment.

Billy Kingsley said...

Very cool. I also collect stamps. I was surprised to see it was actual stamps in the pack and not cards of stamps.

SumoMenkoMan said...

That is really cool! Never have seen these before. There are Japanese menko set from the 1970s that feature world stamps. Not the real things, just images. Thanks for sharing these. I see a few boxes on eBay....price seems reasonable. Wonder if any of the stamps are valuable?

Jon said...

The Hungary stamp you were wondering about is from 1955, and it's Scott Catalogue number is 1116.

As to the commenter above wondering if there would be any valuable (I'm assuming you mean of a monetary nature) stamps in any of these packs/boxes, the answer would be no. These types of stamps, mostly because they were produced by the millions, were (and still are) used in packs like this to get kids interested in stamp collecting. So the price of 5 cents on this pack of stamps was what they were "worth" back then, but you would be hard pressed to get that for them now. But, of course if you looking to get started collecting, a cheap box of these could be a fun way of doing it.

Thanks for sharing this pack, I was completely unaware that Donruss had ever did anything like this.

Fuji said...

One of the coolest and unique pack breaks I've seen on here. Thanks for sharing.

Tsuki said...

I never knew these exited,very cool!