Friday, June 17, 2016

1980 Pop Festival Stickers

I'm not sure how these were originally packaged, but I bought a pair of hand-cut packs off eBay. The wrappers feature the "Pop Festival" logo along with clip art images of guitars and dancers. There is also the following text: "P.V.P. Bs.0,50," "Hecho En Venezuela" and "Derechos Reservados."

For this post, I am opening BOTH of my packs. The wrappers were stuck to the backs of the outermost stickers, so getting these opened was quite a challenge. And, for the record, I will indicate whether I knew the artist(s) depicted on the stickers or if I had use an online checklist.

My stickers look a little different than those in that checklist. Mine have a number typed/stamped on each one. My backs are blank. The ones in the checklist do not have a number on the front because there is a number on the back with artist info. Also, my numbers do not always match those of the online checklist, leading me to believe I have a different set.

#70 Pussycat (left side) - Evidently, Numbers 70 and 71 make up two halves of this one. The sticker itself has a number (70) in the upper corner. The online checklist does NOT show stickers with numbers on them. I had to use the checklist. I had no idea.

#116 Randy Newman? - This might be Randy Newman. I only say that because in the checklist, this number is also Randy Newman but in a different pose. Frankly, I don't think the guy in my sticker looks that much like Newman.

#87 No idea - I have no idea who these folks are. In the checklist, 87 is either Dolly Parton (obviously not on mine) or Johnny Cash (again, not on mine!).

#107 Johnny Mathis (My Guess) - This one matches the #107 on the checklist. I had to use the checklist to verify, but I was pretty sure this was Mathis when I saw it.

#96 Boney M (right half) - Yeah, I had no idea and got lucky that this one matched the online checklist.

#122 Leif Garrett (my guess) - Hey, I was right! Wahoo!! This one also matches #122 in the checklist.

#23 No idea - This is the left half of a sticker combo. On the checklist, #23 is either the Commodores (uh, no) or Eric Clapton (again, not thinking so).

#135 No idea - This guy looks very familiar, but I cannot place him. The checklist is no help because #135 doesn't have this guy in it,.


buckstorecards said...

I did some playing around with google image search. #135 is Francis Cabrel, taken from this album cover:

#87 is Smokie, from this album cover:

Fuji said...

These are definitely out of the ordinary. Just the kind of stuff I like.

--David said...

Awesome research, Buckstore Cards! Thanks!