Friday, June 10, 2016

1992 River Group Elvis Series One

Hello, everyone! It has been WAAY too long since I last posted a pack on here! I received a package of packs from Bo Rosny for my PAD Circus Giveaway the other day, and these Elvis cards were in there. So, I thought it would be fun to rip them open here before revealing them on my own site.

Grab your peanut butter and bananas...

There are 12 collector cards in each pack. The wrapper itself is a bright, shiny purple foil. I don't know if the King would approve, but I know Prince sure would. On the back of the wrapper, there is an offer for a Free Elvis Collection Checklist for a dollar. I guess we now know what that girl's insurance guy could get with that dollar dangling at the end of the fishing rod... Or could back then, anyway. Click on pics for larger/readable versions.

Checking in with HQ - Elvis Army Days - a colorized photo of Elvis from his military days. Each card features a borderless image on the front. In one corner is the subset title for the featured image.

Atomic Powered Singer - Elvis in Vegas - The back of each card features a coinciding style to match the front (Army green for the previous card, colorful card suits for this one). The card's number occupies one corner. In a lower corner, the "Elvis Collection" logo appears along with copyright information.

Man of Many Songs - Elvis Aloha Special

Speedway - Elvis Movies

Youth Leadership Award - The Elvis Collection

I'm Really Him! - The Wertheimer Collection

One of the Boys - Elvis Portraits

Spinout - Elvis Wheels

The "Lisa Marie" - Graceland Tour

Don't Quit His Day Job - Elvis in Vegas

Recording "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel" - The Wertheimer Collection

Live at the Fox - The Elvis Collection

A special offer insert shows off a card-sized version of the Elvis stamp encased in a screw-down (for $5.95) and the other side of the insert shows a collector's binder for $19.95. The stamp card is available on eBay for a little less than the listed price while the binder seems to be available with varying amounts of cards in it for more than the $19.95 list price. YMMV

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