Saturday, June 11, 2016

2006 Upper Deck Artifacts

Let's go back 10 years, when Upper Deck still could produce licensed baseball cards. Pulled this from a repack box.

Junior as a Red on the cover. Autos, relics and other inserts are available. Four cards in a pack, which is still the same number of cards UD puts in their NHL Artifacts release.

Even in 2016 there was the smoke affect. The border kills the usual great UD photography. As an art card, it works. But Masterpiece did art cards much better. No foil on the card. The UD logo, player uniform number and the border are printed in a faded grayish brown color.

May be a little hard to notice, but the player's name is rendered in a color that matches the team color.

Here's the back of the Beltran card. Full career stats! Nice little bio at the top, using some old timey font. Showing the back 2 cards in should give you an idea what's coming.

Yup. I got shorted a card by pulling a hit for King Felix. Gold Limited, which means it's numbered to 150. You can see that printed by Hernandez's glove. Bit busy for a card design - not sure what the two extra boxes with his uniform number and the badly designed Artifacts logo. But a hit is a hit.

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Billy Kingsley said...

If it's like every other set in the relic age, that means there would be a version with three relics, one in each box.

Nice to pull a numbered relic from a repack.

Base cards could use some foil. For a premium set, they are kind of lackluster.