Sunday, June 05, 2016

2016 Topps Series 1 Rack Pack


Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Going with a baseball post tonight, because yes, there's the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals happening (LeBron - Curry II ain't delivering the hype) and all the tributes to the Greatest Of All Time (RIP Muhammad Ali), but earlier today The Wifey and I took the boys to their first Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  They didn't do so well, but the boys had a blast on their first train ride and visit to the Friendly Confines.

Here's a pack to commemorate my occasion, it's a rack pack of 2016 Topps Series 1!

Everyone's seen these by now:  350 card set, no borders, take 'em or leave 'em inserts.  Let's see what I got:

#36 - Miguel Montero
#69 - Anibal Sanchez
#326 - Kevin Plawecki
#183 - Andrelton Simmons

I like the design, but I too don't know why the slash is on the right for some players and on the left for others.  And yes, I'd rather have non-fuzzy backgrounds.

#130 - A.J. Pollock
#131 - Adam LaRoche
#217 - Lance Lynn
#147 - Dee Gordon
#117 - Liam Hendriks

You've got a retiree because he couldn't bring his kid into the clubhouse no more and a PED user in this group.
#349 - Ben Revere
#58 - League Leaders (NL ERA)
#139 - Yasiel Puig

#53 - George Springer
#221 - Ryan LaMarre (RC)
#26 - League Leaders (AL HR)

Why did they put the dot between the first two players but not between the second and third players?

#BB-45 - John Smoltz (Berger's Best)
#FP-8 - Kristaps Porzingis (First Pitch)
#MLBD-28 - Cal Ripken Jr. (MLB Debut)
#WOW-1 - Luis Gonzalez (Walk Off Wins)

Everyone appears to be agreement with the reprints...over used.  MLB Debut appears to heading that way as well.  Walk Off Wins is alright.  I like First Pitch, but I think it's better with Opening Day.  

#186 - Yasmany Tomas
#247 - Yunel Escobar
#259 - Paul Goldschmidt
#270 - Pat Neshek

#260 - Ryan Hanigan
#311 - Dariel Alvarez (RC)
#317 - Jose Altuve
#255 - Justin Verlander

If this was a post from the Jedi, there'd be a Kate Upton pic here.  Go ahead an open another browser to find one...we'll still be here.

#279 - Alex Guerrero
#171 - Matt Cain
#295 - Jonathan Schoop
#102 - Doug Fister
#312 - Curtis Granderson
#149 - Chad Bettis
#66 - Kyle Schwarber
#40 - Jedd Gyorko
#191 - Brian Johnson (RC)

There's the beef collectors have with the blurry backgrounds right there.  You've got a nice shot of Granderson at the wall with a Mets player in clear view; you can even try to find out who the player is if you're so inclined.  But then you've got Jedd with a mighty swing and you can't make anyone out in the background.  Maybe Topps is trying to blur out the fan, but that doesn't explain the fielder behind Chad Bettis.

Here's some backs:

By the way, take a look at the info for the First Pitch card.  "New York Basketball Player" and "pro basketball draft"?  Kinda sucks, right, Topps?  If you don't have a NBA license, why bother with showing the draft pick?  Wasn't there another high profile person who tossed out the first pitch at Citi Field you could use?

As another aside, Topps should have been doing this First Pitch for years now (again, with Opening Day), because many years ago the Wifey and I were at Wrigley and Katie Holmes threw out the first pitch because she was in town filming Batman Begins.   I would have loved to get that of those "I was at that game" moments.

Anyway, that's the pack. Thanks for allowing me to indulge.  Have a great week everyone, and thanks for reading!


Billy Kingsley said...

I had no idea that Porzingis was in this set. I'll have to try and find one for my collection.

JediJeff said...

Man I am really making the wrong kind of name for myself in this world.