Wednesday, June 01, 2016

1996 Sportflix

I haven't posted here since the first day of 2014. Yeah, it's been gnawing at me, like everything else.

So let's get one guilt-trip out of the way, huh?

This is a pack of 1996 Sportflix. The wrapper is telling you this is the 10th anniversary edition of Sportflix (what used to be called "Sportflics"). But it was also the farewell edition of Sportflix. The Pinnacle brand disappeared after this issue.

There are five cards in the pack, so this will go quickly. A brief set review: the first 96 cards are base, the next 24 cards are stars in 3-D action (UC3), the next 20 are rookies, and three checklists bring up the rear.

A reminder: lenticular cards might be cool to view in your hands, but they're hell to scan. I did the best I could. Here you are:

#134 - Shawn Estes, Rookie subset

I've been pulling Giants like crazy out of the packs I bought at a card show over the weekend. This is yet another. In fact it's my second Shawn Estes card in three days. That shouldn't happen in 2016.

#104 - Sammy Sosa, UC3 subset

Slammin' Sammy in 3-D! I have to admit this is the first time I actually spotted the 3-D effect on these cards. It's kind of cool. And I really need to pay more attention.

#11 of 16 - Dante Bichette, Hit Parade insert

The Hit Parade cards are seeded 1 every 35 packs. Not bad with this pull, although Bichette is one of the less exciting players in the checklist.

The guy swinging the bat behind Bichette is not Bichette. Just some generic guy swinging a bat. Just because.

#57 - Sammy Sosa

More Sammy. This is the first base card in the pack, which makes me think trying to complete this set was not easy.

The words on the bottom read "119 runs batted in," Sosa's total in 1995.

#37 - Craig Biggio

Vertical action! It's about time. The caption at the bottom reads "267 total bases."

And that's your pack. Told you it would be quick.

Here is the wrapper back:

Don't use drugs. Tell that to the two Sosas in this pack.


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

About 2/3 complete on this 1996 set. The 1995 set split the UC3 as a set of its own, still working on that one though I completed the base set.

SumoMenkoMan said...

I loved the 1980s Sportsflics. Were fun to collect and something unique. Thanks for sharing this pack.