Thursday, December 20, 2018

1992 ProCards Tomorrow's Heroes

This is different. ProCards was printing out minor league baseball cards in the late 80s to mid 90s in team sets. In 1992 they decide to put this set in packs featuring top prospects. There are 360 cards in the set. What should be consider hit or miss in this pack? Those who made it and those who didn't. Let's find out.
49 - Mark Lewis - a hit. He made it with 11 year journeyman career. It's also action shot consider 99% of minor league cards are posed.
50 - Jim Thome - a big time hit as Thunder Thome became Hall of Fame player
217 - Dan Wilson - a hit as he spent almost all of his 14 year career with Mariners. Charleston Wheelers are now known as West Virginia Power
111 - Dave Silvestri - a minor hit. Spent 8 seasons in the majors but only two of them were full seasons.
13 - Rick Krivda - a minor hit. Four season in the majors only one was a full season
158 - Derek Bell - a hit. Became All-Star and part of Killer B's with Astros.
344 - Paul McClellan - borderline hit. Got in total of 17 games in two seasons.
207 - Jerrone Williams - bust. Didn't make it.
119 - Rich Batchelor - borderline hit. Got in 43 games in 3 seasons.
316 - Omar Olivares - a hit. A 12-year journeyman career
310 - Joe Sondrini - a bust. Didn't make it
35 - Darryl Scott - borderline hit. A 16 game stint in his only season in the majors. Spent remainder of his career in the minors to 2000.

Ten players in this pack made it to the majors. Six of them had a long career including one inducted to the Hall of Fame.


The Angels In Order said...

Is that Rich Batchelor card (great name btw) for real? He's exactly half way in the shade.

Big Tone said...

Damn,that one pack had more future major leaguers than a whole box of Bowman Prospects.

P-town Tom said...

I was thinking the same thing as Big Tone.

Jamie Meyers said...

That company made most of the minor league team sets in 1991. They took what they considered to be the best prospects and put them in this set, which featured the same photos but a different design. The Batchelor card is for real -- it's one of the worst photos in the set. There are a couple more that are even worse!

Fuji said...

Intersting product. I looked at the checklist and found three other hall of famers on the checklist: Chipper, Pedro, and Pudge.

massa keith said...

How much for the thome?

Anonymous said...

From what I understand Procards was purchased by Fleer during the printing of these cards and Fleer stopped production at 1,009 cases. If you put all the numbers together this means there are less than 25,000 sets out there which is fewer than the suspected 35,000 sets for the popular 1984 Fleer Updated set. I also understand there is a promotional set which looks just like the regular issue but with blue text on the back indicating that it’s promotional. Please let me know if any of my information isn’t accurate.

TechGuyNC said...

I have a case up for bids on ebay if anyone is interested.