Thursday, December 13, 2018

2017 Moose Despicable Me Mineez Surprise Pack


Continuing the crap-tastic 2018 ol' Jafronius has been going through, we had to put our dog Miner to sleep last night.  His health deteriorated in the past few days so it was just time.  We were hoping he'd stick around to Christmas, but it wasn't meant to be.  He did give us over 14 years of companionship so we are very grateful for that.  RIP, Miner.

I also have a new-found respect for those in the veterinary field.  I don't know their compensation, but it has to be gut-wrenching to be euthanizing a beloved family pet on one hand and then on the other dealing with folks who don't want to pay the costs for keeping their loved one alive.

So, it's another quickie post today, a blind bag of 2017 Moose Despicable Me Mineez:

Image borrowed from the interwebs.

My youngest son got one of these from the Easter Bunny I believe.  Crack open the ball and find a mini Minion.

There are many to choose from; over 75 according to their website.

[Update 1/13/24:  While prepping for my next post, I came across 2 pictures of the checklist that were meant for this post.  When I pulled up this post to see if these were uploaded, I didn't see them.  It appeared that instead I grabbed a picture of the checklist from their website, but as of today (at least), the picture is missing and the link to the website no longer worked.  So, below is the checklist that came with the figure.]

Who did he get?

#1-11:  Au Naturel Minion

I believe the Au Naturel Minion is from early in the Minions movie.

That's all for now.  This year is almost over.


shoeboxlegends said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, I've been there before. I hope there are better days ahead in 2019!

Matt said...

Sorry about your loss. Losing a beloved pet is never easy.

Grant said...

That's a really tough thing to go through. I wish you and your family the best during this very difficult time.

Bulldog said...

Sorry about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.