Friday, December 07, 2018

2017 Hasbro Transformers The Last Knight Tiny Turbo Changers Series 1 Blind Bag


This is a quickie post, and I don't have much to say this time out, but I feel obliged to put something up as many a APTBNL post of mine coincides with a major event happening in ol' Jafronius's life.

To get the personal stuff out of the way, I did not survive my company's latest round of downsizing yesterday.  I'm employed through the end of the year, and there's a severance package that should help things out for most of 2019, but otherwise the job hunt begins anew.  2018 can suck it.

Anyway, today's pack comes from Target, where I suppose a pack searcher was brave enough to open the pack to see what's inside:

While "zoning" (retail speak for cleaning up your assigned section) the Toy section a while back, I came across this opened blind bag of Transformers The Last Knight Tiny Turbo Changers Series 1.  Before I put it in the cart destined for Guest Service and whatever they do to open items, I took a quick picture of it's contents:

Blackout was the helicopter in the first Transformers movie, but I don't believe he was in The Last Knight.  I didn't transform him (and thus no pic) before tossing him in the cart.

The Transformers found in Series 1 are:

Optimus Prime
Knight Strike Bumblebee
Autobot Hound
Shadow Armour Grimlock
Decepticon Blackout

Anyway, that's it for the pack.  Have a good weekend everyone.  As the song goes, I get knocked down...

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Fuji said...

Hope you find a better job that'll help you forget the current one.