Saturday, October 05, 2019

1990 Fleer Baseball Rack Pack

Got a rack pack of 1990 Fleer when I was in Houston few weeks ago in their $1 bin. Was going through it when I realize "Hey I don't think I have Matt Merullo."  I need to catalog that set one of these days since that set is scattered through several boxes.
The three stickers in the pack. Since Arkansas Travelers are Mariners Double-A team I use that card for IP autograph signing next season.

The cards from Ernie Whitt side
Tom Drees career is 4 games. Howitt got in 115 games in four seasons.
"Don't call me Willie" goes back to his given name Guillermo.
On Matt Merullo side
Wally Backman in jersey other than Mets is strange.

On Flash Gordon side
 I believe this is Tony Armas sunset card
Rickey getting a lead on a card is always a good one
Matt Kinzer got in 9 MLB games. Wayne Edwards got in 62 games in three seasons.

I need get this set cataloged soon.


Big Tone said...

I think that Grissom was a chase card.His rookie card I believe.

Fuji said...

I've never been a fan of this set. Maybe it's because I opened up so much of this stuff back in the day. But I did enjoy the three insert sets: All-Stars, League Standouts, and the Soaring Stars.