Monday, October 14, 2019

1995 Skybox Impact Football

Another pack from Houston Sports Connection with 1995 Skybox Impact football cards. It's their second year set with NFL on FOX onboard. There are 12 cards in the pack along a game piece.
The game piece
The game piece included schedule of NFL on FOX from 1995 season.  The object is to peel off the "nose strip" and match the game on schedule. I got one match
You trade the matches in for NFL on FOX merchandise. Know anyone that once owned one?
Skybox wants you to vote this as top NFL trading card set on Tuff Stuff. Who remembers Tuff Stuff publications? Of the few that came out only Beckett remains.
54 - Bryce Paup - wearing Packers retro jersey. The back announced him signing with Bills during free agency
3 - Eric Swann - two time All-Pro
31 - Antonio Langham
150 - Jeff Burris
64 - Marshall Faulk - started his Hall of Fame career with Colts
13 - Thurman Thomas - another Hall of Famer
IP11 - Jerry Rice - insert card of another Hall of Fame player and one of best wide receivers in the NFL
162 - William Floyd - running past clutches of Thomas Everett
65 - Jeff Lageman - former Jets became part of then expansion Jacksonville Jaguars who started play in 95 season.
107 - Rob Moore - had 1000 yard receiving season and running past a Dolphin
172 - Michael Westbrook - known for punching Stephen Davis he took up MMA after his career
15 - Lamar Lathon - the former Oiler became part of then expansion Carolina Panthers

This is much better set than previous year.


Fuji said...

Love reading back issues of Tuff Stuff... just as much as I enjoy reading back issues of Beckett.

Bulldog said...

I definitely don't remember these cards but I like them. Good pack and post.

Trevor P said...

I remember Tuff Stuff. I remember this set, too. I still really like it.