Saturday, March 21, 2020

2020 Donruss Baseball Hobby Packs

Stopped by my LCS a week or so ago, before the world went on lock down.  I picked up two packs of the new Donruss to try it out.  I decided to put together the set last year.  This year I've decided to only put together Topps flagship and Update so this will be my only taste of Donruss.  I also ended up mixing all the cards up so I can't remember which cards went with which pack so I figured I feature the contents of both packs.

Again this year Panini gives us a base set that's very Donruss like, but looks original, and of course a retro throwback sub-set.  The Rated Rookies and Diamond Kings are in there as well as a bunch of inserts and parallels to chase. Here are the 4 main base card types.  The Base, Rated Rookie, Diamond Kings and Retro 86.

I was also really happy to pull a PC card of my guy Robin Yount.  It's my first 2020 Yount card for the collection.
 Here are the rest of the base cards.

There are a ton of parallels in this set.  22 in fact.  One of the more common parallels is the unnumbered Holo Blue Parallels which I got one per pack.  It's hard to tell from the scans but these are shiny and bluish.

I also got one Career Stat Line of Josh Bell.  The stat line parallels are numbered to whatever stat is being feature.  In Josh's case his 287 RBI's so far.

I also got one insert. A Mookie Betts Elite numbered to 999.  Again these scan terribly but it's very shiny. 

Lots of great inserts and parallels.  Of course the cards suffer from lack of logos and the photoshopped colors, but Donruss is always a fun break with fun insert designs and lots of serial numbered cards.  I however am going to save all my money for more toilet paper.  Stay safe out there.


Dennis said...

The more I see of these the more I like them (but yeah, TP is a good investment right about now!)

John Sharp said...

Bought a pack today at Walmart.
It was the only 2020 Baseball product on the shelves.
I like the cards, and will get a few more along the way.
Good Job. 👍

P-town Tom said...

The Elite Series is well designed. Thanks for sharing.

The Bucs Stop Here said...

Really like this design. Nice pull on the Betts!

Fuji said...

If I found this product and a package of TP at Target this week... only one would be going home with me. And although I could wipe my butt with both, TP wins in a landslide.

Big Tone said...

The Diamond Kings and Elite Series cards look incredible. The base cards could easily be mistaken for any of their prior releases.Very similar.